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about MY story

I'm Jasmin Black (Ortega) and I spend most of my days in my home studio at my desk (a.k.a my kitchen table) breaking down creative business owner's visions and putting together cohesive storylines that will later be turned into visual photographic masterpieces. My love for storytelling started when I was a kid and my love for history and has developed into a career that I couldn't be more proud of where I take your vision and brand story along with my passion and intertwine that to create a recognizable and cohesive look that will resonate with your target audience , evoke an emotion and create a heartfelt connection. I've never met a gummy bear I didn't like, secretly wish I was a professional dancer, am a mother to a fur kitty Jordy, know almost every 80's song and live my life in a 24/7 soundtrack and have the best supportive husband, Rafael (the other part of RoJo), in the world.

I'm a Stylist and Creative Art Director, Brand Mentor and Consultant and Calligrapher. I'm a visual storyteller. 

In order to have a successful creative business no matter what field or industry you work in you must begin with a story, a "why". As a child I always questioned the reason and heart behind the simplest and most complex things. Growing up in Charlotte, NC within this southern region I would always see leftover pieces of antiquated times in the form of barns and broken-down wooden homes and always wondered, "What's their story?" Every brand has a story and a history to its name. My passion is to help you in your quest to discover that story, draw out its emotion, give it an image, translate it and convey it to your audience or ideal client. I want people to feel compelled to respond and connect to your story, passion and mission whether it be by means of brand product styling, a calligraphed wedding invitation or a styled wedding editorial shoot. This world is so fast paced with so much creative noise and entrepreneurial competition that no one takes the time to stop and listen and look at our stories. That's what I'm here for. 

Taken By Sarah                                 Taken By Sarah                                              Amelia Protiva

Taken By Sarah                                 Taken By Sarah                                              Amelia Protiva

I want people to feel compelled to respond and connect to your story, passion and mission
— Estudio RoJo

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Styling & Creative Direction

A visual story can speak volumes and evoke so many different emotions. Your story, vision and style is wanting to be conveyed in a visual setting and you need someone to take the lead in carrying that mission out. Let me help you tell your visual story through attention to detail and intentional design while letting the emotion and content speak to your audience. 

Priced per project


What's a good story if it cannot be told? The images of your work help draw in your audience so that they form a bond and connection with you that goes deeper than images on a page but becomes a tangible piece of art. Editorial stories can include but are not limited to: wedding, lifestyle, entertainment, food, product and still life.

Priced per project


A story can only live on if it's told from person to person. Presenting at workshops, retreats, conference and more are a way to educate, motivate and inspire others to look into themselves and their brands to find their voice, story, learn how to effectively collaborate with other creatives, how to style for weddings, shoots and social media, networking, overcoming negativity as an entrepreneur and more. My 10+ years as a public speaker, workshop and conference presenter and speaker allows me to connect, understand and relate to audiences on a deeper level.

Contact for pricing

Workshop & Event Design

From the smallest of details to the largest I will work with you to take your vision to it's highest of heights to ensure a cohesive and fluid story that is sure to captivate your audience and reflect your vision and passion all with intentional design and an authentic voice.

Starting at $100/hr




Brand Mentoring & Consulting

Every brand starts off with a story, a message if you will, that has to be told to an audience. Within your business lies a passion, voice and history that is the foundation to your empire. My responsibility is to help you define, refine and convey that message so that it reaches your ideal client. A brand cannot function without a fundamental "why" as its base. If you want the attention, connection, loyalty and support from your tribe and the encouragement and companionship of a community then you must always start with your story. 

Option No. 1 $97 one week brand audit

Option No. 2 $275 3 month strategy

look book

Your story knows no bounds and can be translated into everyday products that can be used by your audience in various ways. Together we can tell the story of your product's usage and how your consumer can get the best use out of it and why your story resonates with them. Look books allow the consumer to transport themselves into a world that you have intentionally styled and curated just for them to enjoy.

Priced per project 


Love stories were meant to be shared. They are the foundation and backbone of all relationships. Especially for a bride and groom. Your love story should be handled with care, attention to detail and a flourish of style which can all be accomplished through bespoke calligraphy. Whether it's a custom wedding invitation, addressing of envelopes, day of details or anything else you can be sure that the history of you will be felt and seen throughout these notions. 

See Calligraphy Catalog for pricing.

Let me help you tell your visual story through attention to detail and intentional design while letting the emotion and content speak to your audience
— Estudio RoJo

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How it works



1. Story Analysis

Let's take some time to conceptualize the story of the shoot and create a dialogue as to what your vision is and how we can bring that to life. 

2. styled session

Your story is told through intentional styling and attention to detail with my creative direction at the helm. 



- Options No. 1 & No. 2 -


1. Questionnaire

You will be sent a questionnaire to fill out that will help me get to know more about you and what you do so that I can understand how to best serve you and your branding needs.

3. let's get to work-No.1

We will spend a week where you'll receive expert input on your branding, social media and website presence. You will sell identify your strengths, weakness and areas of improvement. In the end you will have a definitive strategy in place to start building a more intentional brand. 

2. consultation

Here is the time where you get to go into further detail about your needs and where you are in your brand journey.


We will spend 3 months together working on your brand strategy, narrowing down an intentional game plan and focusing on you, your goals and brand story. We will define your story so that it's clearer, more concise and gets you the brand awareness you've been looking for.




1. Questionnaire

You will be sent a questionnaire that encompasses all of the detail regarding your special event that I would need to know and how I can bring your love story to your friends, family and loved ones.

3. completion

 Once I have received any materials needed to carry out your project I will begin working on them to deliver you the most beautifully scripted story you can imagine. A final payment is required before any items are returned to you after which you will receive your package or files delivered via standard mailing options. Any additional insurance, packaging or mail options will require an additional fee. Please refer to the Calligraphy Catalog for details on etiquette, wording and terms.  

2. Proposal

After getting an idea of your needs and how I can best serve you and make them a reality I will send you a proposal, invoice and agreement to have signed and a retainer fee paid before any services are rendered. 

If you want the attention, connection, loyalty and support from your tribe and the encouragement and companionship of a community then you must always start with your story.
— Estudio RoJo







One of my greatest passions is connecting with other creatives and collaborating together. Do you have a comment, inquiry or idea that you'd like to share? Feel free to fill out this form and I will reply within 24-48 business hours. Would you rather e-mail me directly? Write to me here: